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Our fees are normally based on a fraction of your total budget, subject to the particular requirements of your project.

This enables us to always recommend the best value solution for your project inclusive of cost, quality, service and play value.

Although a typical project often does not require additional professional services, such as feature and level surveys and structural engineering, if required these expenses will be passed on to the client at actual cost where invoices are paid promptly.

To keep costs down, Park and Playspace recommend that clients absorb expenses such as document printing, mass mailouts, catering and room hire (if required).

In the case of complex projects fees may be higher than the broad estimates below, such as if multiple concepts or extensive revisions are likely, where your site has significant tree cover or steep slopes, or to allow for travel and accommodation outside the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Full concept design

A full concept design is a detailed concept drawing normally based on two or more site visits and scaled from aerial photography. Footpaths, park furniture, playground equipment, and other elements will be shown to-scale with an allowance for margin of error.

In many cases a full concept drawing will be of sufficient detail to go straight to construction, however many finer details will need to be resolved later on the go, such as planting and art elements. We recommend engaging Park and Playspace to project manage the project so the complete design vision is appropriately realised.

Typically a full concept design costs 5% of your project budget with a minimum on small jobs to cover fixed costs such as travel.

Concept design and construction documentation

Concept design and construction documentation includes supply of a complete set of construction drawings suitable for issue as part of a tender or planning permit, inclusive of pricing schedules and cost estimates, dimensioned setouts, planting plans and specification.

Typically concept design and full construction documentation will cost 10-12% of your project budget with a minimum on small jobs to cover fixed costs such as travel.

Concept design and project management

In our experience this is almost always the most cost-effective option for our clients overall, particularly as it gives maximum flexibility to make changes on the go in order to manage unanticipated cost pressures and ensure the original design vision isn't compromised.

You are also enlisting us to ferret out the best value for your project. We try to source contractors locally where possible. Alternatively, we have excellent contacts in the industry to ensure that you will get a quality outcome for a reasonable price.

Concept design and project management will typically cost around 10-12% of your total budget (more with full documentation).

Casual advice

At Park and Playspace we welcome calls or emails from community groups and others seeking quick industry advice, or requests for referrals to suppliers or contractors.

Our response in these off-the-cuff cases is always free of charge, however, while our feedback is offered in good faith it necessarily comes without waranties of any kind and may not be complete, current, reliable and/or free from error.

Special projects

Contact us to discuss what you have in mind and we'll do our best to assist.

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