Park and Playspace

Our Philosophy

We design attractive, landscaped, easy to maintain playspaces that don't blow your budget. Closing Quote


Play is the highest form of research.Closing Quote - Albert Einstein

What's New?

Design and Project Management

Park and Playspace work in the 'sweet spot' between attractive, landscaped spaces and value.

Our goal on every project is to achieve best value for the budget—not only for the benefit of our clients, but also to stretch finite funds futher in providing the best possible park experience for end-users.

We believe in continuous improvement. Park and Playspace are in regular contact with contractors and maintenance crews, and return to our completed projects often to assess how they're holding up.

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We're not interested in constructing parks that quickly fall apart due to flimsy construction or overwhelmed maintenance staff—ease of maintenance is a core part of what we do.

Engage Park and Playspace for your project and both your park users and maintenance crews will thank you!

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